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MEM20105 – Certificate II in Engineering

Course Summary:

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required of workers employed as Engineering/ Manufacturing Employees - Level III as defined in the Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award. This qualification is an introduction to the Engineering trade certificate and is suited to school based students entering the trade industry. 

Career Outcomes:

  • Pre Employment Pathway into Engineering, Manufacturing or Related Industries



Class Delivery



Part time

Full time

Part time

Full time




18 months


Delivery Method:            

  • Workplace / Flexible Delivery
  • Classroom

How to Apply:                     

  • By phone:
    • Skillinvest Metro – 1300 135 008
    • Skillinvest Regional – 1300 308 620

Entry Requirements

  • There are no prerequisites for this qualification.

Fees and Charges

Refer to the Fees & Charges link on the Skillinvest website (

Qualification Requirements

The minimum requirements for achievement of the Certificate II in Engineering are:
•    Completion of all core units
•    Completion of elective units to the value of at least 30 points
The nominal hours for the units selected must total between 320-390 hours. 

Core Units

  • MEM13014A - Apply Principles of OH&S in the Work Environment
  • MEM14004A - Plan to Undertake a Routine Task
  • MEM15002A - Apply Quality Systems 
  • MEM15024A - Apply Quality Procedures
  • MEM16007A - Work with Others in a Manufacturing, Engineering or Related Environment

Elective Units

  • MEM12023A - Perform Engineering Measurements
  • MEM12001B - Use Comparison and Basic Measuring Devices
  • MEM12024A - Perform Computations
  • MEM16006A - Organise and Communicate Information
  • MEM16008A - Interact with Computing Technology
  • MEM05007C - Perform Manual Heating and Thermal Cutting
  • MEM03001B - Perform Manual Production Assembly
  • MEM05004C - Perform Routine Oxyacetylene Welding
  • MEM05005B - Carry out Mechanical Cutting 
  • MEM07032B - Use Workshop Machines for Basic Operations
  • MEM05012C - Perform Routine Manual Metal Arc Welding
  • MEM05013C - Perform Manual Production Welding
  • MEM05050B - Perform Routine Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • MEM18001C - Use Hand Tools
  • MEM18002B - Use Power Tools/Hand Held Operations
  • MEM03003B - Perform Sheet and Plate Assembly
  • MSAENV272B - Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
  • MEM11011B - Undertake Manual Handling
  • MEM11016B - Order Materials
  • MEM13003B - Work Safely with Industrial Chemicals and Materials
  • MEM13002B - Undertake OH&S Activities in the Workplace
  • MEM08014B - Apply Protective Coatings (Basic)
  • MEM09002B - Interpret Technical Drawings
  • MEM06007B - Perform Basic Incidental Heat/Quenching, Tempering and Annealing